Storm Chasing Videos

Tornado northeast of Vernon, TX
Date: April 17, 2013
Brief tornado northeast of Vernon, TX near the Red River

Hale County Texas Tornadoes
Date: October 12, 2012
Multiple brief weak tornadoes from a supercell in Hale County, TX on October 12, 2012

Medford, OK Tornado
Date: April 30, 2012
A long-lived slow moving tornado on the night of April 30, 2012 narrowly misses the town of Medford, OK.

Cone Tornado near Saddle Mountain, OK
Date: April 13, 2012
Cone tornado near Saddle Mountain, OK shot on the evening of Friday the 13th of April 2012.

March Tornadoes near Willow, OK
Date: March 18, 2012
Multiple tornadoes north of Mangum, OK near the town of Willow on the evening of March 18, 2012.

Weather Channel Interview
Date: November 7, 2011
Weather Channel Interview after November 7th tornado outbreak

November Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak
Date: November 7, 2011
Multiple tornadoes during the biggest November Tornado Outbreak in Oklahoma State History.

Oklahoma Tornado plows through Wind Farm
Date: November 7, 2011
A tornado in Oklahoma on November 7, 2011 plows through a wind farm near the Wichita Mountains.

November 7, 2011 Tornadoes
Date: November 7, 2011
Multiple tornadoes from a cyclic supercell in Southwest Oklahoma

Wakita Oklahoma Tornadoes
Date: September 17, 2011
Multiple tornadoes near the town of Wakita, OK

Bradshaw, NE Tornado
Date: June 20, 2011
Incredibly photogenic tornado near Bradshaw, NE on June 20, 2011

Fox and Friends Interview
Date: May 26, 2011
Fox and Friends Interview

Chickasha, OK Wedge Tornado
Date: May 24, 2011
EF-4 Wedge Tornado footage near Chickasha, OK

McLeod/Shawnee, OK Tornado crosses I-40 and hits a Semi
Date: May 24, 2011
Violent tornado crosses the road in front of me and hits a semi

Shawnee, OK Tornado Dash Cam
Date: May 24, 2011
Dash cam Footage of Tornado that crosses I-40 near Mcleod, OK and hits a semi truck. Broadcast live from TV helicopter.