Bust near Tulsa

Chase Map
Date: April 4, 2017
Chase Partners: Solo
Chasers Encountered: Brett Wright
Miles: Driven: 277 Miles
Severe Risk: SPC Outlooks
States Visited: OK
Weather Encountered:

Chase Narrative: 

A pretty lame event overall. Moisture was lacking overall and the chances of a tornado seemed slim to none, but with it being so close to home I decided early afternoon to leave work when I saw a cu field on visible satellite.That plan didn't work as good as I had hoped, as storms rapidly exploded and intensified, growing fast and rocketing away from the triple point near Norman at 50 mph.

I took 35 to 44 / Turner Turnpike and was a step behind storms pretty much the whole way up, finally getting on a storm in Tulsa long enough to sit in traffic on US169 and to watch it float away.

The positive is that I had dinner with Brett Wright and his dad in Tulsa.