Bust in Mississippi

Chase Map
Date: January 2, 2017
Chase Partners: Bart Comstock, Connor McCrorey
Chasers Encountered: None
Miles: Driven: 1,498 Miles
Severe Risk: SPC Outlooks
States Visited: LA, MS, OK, TX
Weather Encountered:
Bust, Sub Severe Storms

Chase Narrative: 

What ended up being a stupid idea to chase Mississippi started out on Sunday evening the 1st. We ended up leaving Norman around 1 am and headed south to DFW and east with an initial target near Alexandria, LA.

Luckily Connor had taken a nap, and Bart had gotten much better sleep the night before because they drove most of the way while I slept.

We were ahead of the line of storms all night, and managed to get to Natchez, MS where we got a few National Park stamps and saw some peaks of sunshine.

Morning soundings were pretty impressive, the only real ointment being low level lapse rates and lack of capping, and a little veer-backing. Nonetheless, we're already in MS, so we set out for Hattiesburg where we got on something pre-frontal that we thought would congeal into a supercell, but really ended up being a garden rainshower.

We gave up pretty quickly and busted north to get in the apex of the bow coming at us from the west. We missed that a bit, and had some pretty mediocre winds before heading to Mt Olive to film some damage before the long grinding ride back home.

Bart almost killed us with his gas.