Surprise chase in Alberta, Canada

Chase Map
Date: July 1, 2016
Chase Partners: Solo
Chasers Encountered: Braydon Morisseau, Beth Allan, Chris Ratzlaff, Ronnie Rabena
Miles: Driven: 117 Miles
Severe Risk: SPC Outlooks
States Visited: AB
Weather Encountered:
Good Structure, Tornado

Videos: (Click to watch)

Chase Narrative: 

What a surprise - I landed in Calgary from San Francisco about 5:50 pm and met up with Chris Ratzlaff and Beth Allan in Airdrie, AB after gathering my things and clearing customs. We had dinner (I had poutine!) to celebrate Canada day and me being in Canada before we decided to head out after a storm that had developed off the mountains south of Sundre.

I headed north on AB-2 then west through Didsbury on AB-582. I ended up getting west of Didsbury before stopping and realizing the storm was moving faster than I thought.

The structure was quite pretty and a brief tornado seemingly touched down. It was by far the slowest tornado I've ever seen, but Environment Canada confirmed an EF-0.

I followed the storm again to the southeast, eventually crossing AB-2 again and running into Chris, Braydon and Ronnie. It was good to meet up with some Canadian chasers under a storm! And what a storm, with a great sculpted mesocyclone structure.

I followed things further east of AB-2 where eventually I broke off and headed towards my hotel that night in Edmonton.