Bust near Wichita

Chase Map
Date: May 25, 2016
Chase Partners: Chrystal Ceniza, Jari Ylioja, Jena McShane
Chasers Encountered: None
Miles: Driven: 440 Miles
Severe Risk: SPC Outlooks
States Visited: KS, OK
Weather Encountered:
Bust, Sub Severe Storms

Chase Narrative: 

After the tornadofest on the 24th, we stayed the night in Dodge City as I had a spare tire and my front left tire was losing air. I decided it'd be a bad idea to try and make the trip home to Norman that night, so we stayed in Dodge City with the intention of getting my tires fixed the next day in Wichita and possibly chasing or heading home afterwards.

As it turned out, we slept in somewhat late and left Dodge about 11, arriving in Wichita about 2-230. The tires took until 330 or so to be fixed, then we grabbed Chipotle and started to head north, but were distracted by the good updrafts and turkey towers in the immediate vicinity of Wichita. A storm that would go on to produce Bennington wedge v2.0 blew up near Salina, but it was hard to drop off a storm also going up near Wichita.

We sat in the Costco parking lot in East Wichita watching some of the fastest updrafts I've ever seen in my years of chasing rising. Unfortunately it seemed like the updrafts were skinny and still hitting a cap as they weren't creating much of an anvil and the tops were fuzzy. With upward motion like that, I figured it would eventually break cap and become a monster storm.

It tried.

We followed it east and stopped for awhile and watched 3-4 more updrafts try, then we followed all the way to El Dorado where it was obvious it wouldn't happen.

We could have headed north in retrospect and gotten the end of the 90 minute tornado up north, but didnt. Jena wanted to get home so she could depart for Michigan the next morning, and we were all tired.

We headed south, stopping in southern Kansas for a bit to look at some storms near Arkansas City before continuing further south into Oklahoma.

The storm to our west near Enid was looking great and eventually became tornado warned and produced tornadoes. After the previous day, plus trying to get back to Norman, Jena did not want to get very close to the storm and I understood/respected it, so we settled for some long shot lightning photos west of Perry.

A Noble County sheriff deputy came up to us on a back road shortly after we stopped and setup our tripods. I guess one of the neighbors had called us in as a suspicious person, so we shot the shit with the deputy for awhile before he headed out.