"Chasecation" winding down

Had a great "Chasecation" 2015! Thanks to Jari Ylioja coming out again for his 5th year from Finland and for Jena McShane for coming down to Oklahoma for her second chance chasing. We had a very successful 2 weeks (4 days with Jena) with multiple supercell and tornado intercepts. The best tornado day of the bunch was May 27th near Canadian, TX where a very large and photogenic tornado touched down.

My chase season will be winding down from this point, with random chases north or locally as time and forecasts permit. Putting an end to one of the best May's in my memory with over 15,000 miles traveled for the year and almost 30 tornadoes.

Lots of photos, videos and chase recaps will be posted to this site soon!